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Stefano Petti & Jeremy Hirshberg

How to boost performance and results through states of mind

Area: Coaching

Session on Tuesday, Jun 23th, 15:25
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Dr Jeremy Hirshberg is the Regional Director, Leadership Solutions and Senior Faculty for the Center for Creative Leadership where he leads a team that develops strategies around Organisational Leadership, Talent Management, Leader Development, Assessments and Coaching. Prior to joining the CCL, Jeremy was the Defense market lead for Booz Allen Hamilton’s leadership development practice, where he led the market strategy, business development, and design and delivery of leadership solutions to the Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency, Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Affairs, and the Federal Reserve.

Stefano Petti is Partner at Asterys, a global organisational development firm, and works primarily as thinking partner and executive coach with leaders who are engaged in transformational and change initiatives. He is also a faculty member with University of Bologna (Italy) – Master of International Management and has been teaching for years Leadership for CUOA Business School (Italy) – Executive MBA curriculum.

Stefano and Jeremy founded, with Alexander Caillet, the States of Mind Institute to research the impact of state of mind on leadership effectiveness and provide methodologies that can be used by leaders to improve their performance and results.

Authors of:
How Your State of Mind Affects Your Performance, December 2014
HBR.org: https://hbr.org/2014/12/how-your-state-of-mind-affects-your-performance

4 Steps to Dispel a Bad Mood, April 2015
HBR.org: http://hbr.org/2015/04/4-steps-to-dispel-a-bad-mood


In this session we will explore in more detail the research findings presented in our recent Harvard Business Review article “How Your State of Mind Affects Your Performance”. In particular we will talk about why it is so important to be aware of your states of mind and why it is so important to be able to manage them. We will explore the best state of mind practices that leaders tend to apply to improve their performance and we will uncover why most people struggle in this domain. We will also introduce our proven and very practical 4-step method to access deeper awareness into your own states of mind and operate shifts in the moment in service of better outcomes.

At the end of our session you will have:
• Developed a deeper understanding of states of mind and their impact on important domains of your/your client’s lives
• Heard from the voice of hundreds of leaders and managers what are the best practices applied to improve performance through states of mind
• Learnt about the optimal mix of states of mind that maximises performance and results
• Reviewed a methodology to shift states of mind towards more productive states.

The application on self of the above concepts can prove extremely powerful in any situation. Furthermore, professional coaches can leverage our research to support their clients in developing increased self-awareness around the role their states of mind play in their lives and provide techniques and methods to respond differently and more effectively to the surrounding environment.

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