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Mauricio Galeano

How new integrative approaches in coaching are generating positive evidence based outcomes: Lessons learned from Personal Consultancy and Positive Psychology Coaching

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Session on Wednesday, Jun 24th, 10:25
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Mauricio Galeano is an integrative counseling coach in Positive Psychology currently involved in developing new approaches in mental health within the NHS (National Health Service) in the UK. This follows on from fifteen years in business, health and education in Europe and the Americas.

These approaches have been praised as innovative by NHS commissioners in London, managing to integrate counselling and coaching with music, art and movement to bring about a positive outcomes. His current research looks at the benefits of applied positive psychology coaching to support carers and nurses with their well-being and goal attainment. He is the chairman of the association for Integrative Positive Psychology Practitioners in UK and the Vice president of the Positive Psychology association in Colombia. His line of work expands to addiction prevention in schools, detoxification projects in the UK and South America, he is a consultant in a social integration project, for women and children from the post conflict in Colombia and is helping to develop a social project for the Happy City Initiative in Bristol. Within Mauricio’s practice he is keen to teach active mindful compassion which he has been utilizing for some time in his quest to better the mental health of practitioners and clients.


A practical and interactive session that will aim to present evidence based applications of integrative coaching. Integrative practices have been found to produce a positive outcomes for business, clients and practitioners. It will explain the theoretical framework of Personal Consultancy and of Positive Psychology practice, as examples of integrative and transformative approaches of current studies. Integrative and transformative approaches and practices are ways in which we discover how to live a meaningful life, where our actions are aligned with our deepest values and where wisdom emerges through contemplative practice (i.e. mindfulness, compassion and wisdom) and transcending self-interest toward engaged social action.

This session will attempt to encourage, authenticity and commitment, and how we can transform our experiences, whether they are pleasant or unpleasant, planned for or unexpected, into meaningful aspects of our personal journeys and for our clients. An example of how music, art and movement can be integrated in a coaching environment will be shown with the journey of mental health clients to recovery. The session will explain and demonstrate “the five ways to well-being”, an evidence based tool shown to bring the biggest boost to happiness, improves mental health and helps to spot signs of bad mental health. Finally active mindful compassion will be demonstrated to minimise mental health risks in coaches and to enhance personal practice and increase wellbeing.

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