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Magda Dobosz

Are organisations ready for younger executive coaches? The significance of a coach’s age in the client’s selection

Area: Coaching

Session on Wednesday, Jun 24th, 13:50
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Magda Dobosz was raised in Poland and started psychology studies at Univeristy of Wroclaw. In 2012 she was transferred to University of South Wales to cultivate her passion for coaching. Along with the studies she was undergoing professional training, shadowing her mentor and supervisor, and became a certified executive coach in 2013. As a practitioner, Magda has been supervised, coached and mentored by other professional executive coaches and continues her journey to coaching mastery through one-to-one private practice is London. She is also a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner since May 2014 and has trained with David Shephard, one of the world’s leading specialist in NLP. Magda believes that the strong personal foundations are essential for the strong businesses, therefore she makes sure she has been progressing in all aspects of her life herself in order to serve greatly and focus on contribution to other people’s lives.


As the emergence of younger coaches is a novel area of consideration for coaching psychology, the session is based on exploratory piece of research regarding Generation Y coaches and the importance of the coach’s attributes in client’s selection of a coach with an emphasis on the coach’s age. For the first time in the coaching history the age of coaches might become an issue.

Throughout the session I identify the most recent perceptions of coach’s attributes, I outline the root and fruit of the challenges related to the coach’s age and possible ways forward for the younger practitioners.

My aim is to raise your awareness of the perceived by the client image of a coach under thirty and to inspire you though the practical recommendations and guidance derived from thought and action-provoking interviews with Jeremy Ridge (Chairman of the Association of Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS) Board of Directors), Darren Robson CEO and Funder of Ministry of Entrepreneurship (MOE), Alex Szabo (COO at Association for Coaching) and coaches under 30.

In conclusion, I emphasise the formula for the successful coaching relationship between executive client and executive coach, taking into consideration all the aspects explored through this novel study.

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