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Selma Kalkavan

The Effects Of Managerial Coaching Behaviours On The Employees’ Perception Of Job Satisfaction, Organisational Commitment, And Job Performance

Area: Coaching

Session on Wednesday, Jun 24th, 10:25
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Dr Selma Kalkavan works with organisations to develop effective corporate strategies and to embed personal and team behaviors that have tangible impact on business performances. She puts in use her academic knowledge and relevant experience in strategy, she assumes leadership role in terms of relating human resources with company strategies. She develops effective and innovative projects with respect to human resources to be perceived as strategic partner.

She has been working in the insurance sector for more than 15 years within Management Systems Development, Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Internal Communication and Organisational Development fields. Also she works as a management consultant. Her biggest projects are: Strategy Projects, Corporate Restructuring Projects, Corporate Risk Management Projects, Software Conversion Projects, HR Transformation Projects, Competency Profiling Projects, Employee Work Engagement Projects, Effective Internal Communication Project For Y Generation Employee, Assessment Centre Projects, Employee Satisfaction Analysis, Designing Leadership Program Projects


The importance of managerial coaching has been highlighted by many scholars and professionals over the years. Because of its importance to organisations, managerial coaching is still an important topic for the academic debates and discussions. In this context, this study is planned to examine the direct effects of managerial coaching on the employees’ job performance, job satisfaction, ambiguity of roles, and satisfaction with the managers. In addition to this, the effects of role ambiguity on job satisfaction, job performance and satisfaction with the manager; the effects of job satisfaction on career commitment, job performance and organisational commitment have been investigated. The study has been conducted on the ‘Insurance Industry’ in Turkey. Findings showed that the managerial coaching behaviour in the insurance sector had a positive effect on the better understanding of the role by employees (role clarity), satisfaction with work, career commitment, performance of the employee at work and the organizational commitment. At the same time, it was specified that a clear perception by the employee about his/her role had a positive effect on the career commitment, organizational commitment and employee’s performance at work. Furthermore, it was also identified that satisfaction with work has a positive effect on the career commitment and organisational commitment. Nevertheless, no effect was identified between satisfaction with work and job performance. On the contrary, it was also found in this study that career commitment and organisational commitment has a positive effect on the job performance.

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